[Benchmarking] Vector Data (OSM for Colorado)

Dane Springmeyer dane at dbsgeo.com
Wed Mar 16 01:33:32 EDT 2011


I won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow.

But, I wanted to send an update that I've downloaded Colorado Shapefiles of OSM data from Cloudmade to the linux server.


How do these sound for a source for baseline tests for vector data?

Here is some sample output:

2.9M  colorado_administrative.shp
178K  colorado_coastline.shp
70M   colorado_highway.shp
72K   colorado_location.shp
14M   colorado_natural.shp
498K  colorado_poi.shp
15M   colorado_water.shp

Pretty tiny, huh?

As far as PostGIS, the direction OSM is going is distributing larger dumps in the binary format that uses Google Protocol Buffers. I would propose importing one or all the pbf dumps for the US for the PostGIS test (from here: http://download.geofabrik.de/osm/north-america/) using osm2pgsql. Or we could simply use shp2pgsql using just the Colorado shapefiles.


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