[Benchmarking] Benchmark 2011

Martin Daly Martin.Daly at cadcorp.com
Wed Mar 23 13:08:57 EDT 2011


The only current proposed testing scenario is "pre-populating a tile cache", from Mike Smith.

One of the possible side-effects that Mike identified is improved labelling when the requests are for tiles, where the label placement might use a different algorithm compared to a non-tiled request.

Assuming that this or another tile-based scenario is chosen, then I think that it might be better to use a tile-based request recipe, instead of a WMS one. This is because there is no standard way to differentiate between two identical WMS requests, one tiled, one not.

Previous benchmarks have not really exercised WMS at all, just used a series of identical requests (bar BBOX and WIDTH/HEIGHT, obv.) as a recipe for a single image request. Pre-populating a tile cache via WMS would be no different, except that the WMS recipe gives no way to know that the request is for a tile.

Candidates for tile-based services could be the OSGeo TMS, or OGC Web Map Tile Service. They both have the additional benefit of only requiring a single character change from WMS...

Were the benchmark to use one or other of these then another positive benefit might be some new implementations of these specs, although this might change the focus of the benchmark for some teams, perhaps too much.

I'm not too bothered either way because we already have WMS, WMTS and TMS implementations, and I certainly don't want to bias the benchmark at all.



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