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On Tue, Jun 25, 2013 at 11:13 AM, Marco Hugentobler <
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>  >So is Stefan shares the data and qgis project, can you share the load
> test itself? I imagine it's some sort of jmeter thing?
> Yes, it is basically a copy of the foss4g benchmark jmeter file, only with
> layers / styles replaced (and outputformat is png8).
> Sampling extents were generated with python script from foss4g benchmark.

Can you share it? Or, at least, can you share the command line used to
generate it?
Seeing what kind of requests you made (zoom level and image size) is going
to be interesting.

I understand the usage of png8 to some extent, however that really turns
the benchmark into a png encoding contest,
unless rendering is very slow I'd estimate 50-70% of the time is spent
building the palette and encoding the output
PNG (I took the FOSS4G 2010 benchmarks recently and made some optimization
to GeoServer, now 75% of the
time is spent encoding the PNGs (plain ones, no png8) if I use the fastest
PNG encoder available, and it gets
way worse if I leave it with the standard Java PNG encoder. Now... imagine
adding on the fly palette computation
on top of that :-)


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