[Benchmarking] QGIS Server Testing

Bruce, Bob (CWS) Bob.Bruce at gov.mb.ca
Fri Jun 28 09:47:14 PDT 2013

	I sure wish that I could read German because your report:
looks just like the kind of work that I have been doing lately here in Winnipeg.

Thanks to some help that I got from Michael Smith at FOSS4G-NA in Minneapolis, I got the FOSS4G benchmarking stuff working and have been comparing the performance of several ESRI servers, one Geomedia server and a Cubewerx server serving our Manitoba orthophoto imagery. Earlier I had done comparisons of image quality and from what I think that I am seeing in this report I was seeing similar differences in imagery. Some images returned by WMS requests are very grainy and imprecise and some are sharp and show fine detail.

My server tests consisted of up to 100 threads each making a request every 2.5 and then later every 5 seconds for 20 requests for each thread. Some servers failed to return images part of the way through the tests, the Cubewerx server managed to get through all of the tests.

I hope to get approval to share my report in a couple of weeks.

Are there any plans to publish the QGIS server report in English?

Our imagery is public domain and although not currently available via the WWW we could make it available to people who want to send a HDD. It is .5m colour orthophotos totalling about 1.4 Tb in size.

	Bob Bruce

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