[Benchmarking] Feedback and some activity, Please!

Martin Daly Martin.Daly at cadcorp.com
Fri Jun 28 12:38:16 PDT 2013

> I asked for some advice from Jeff on how to get the benchmark rolling
> because I feel a bit left alone. If we want to avoid being canceled out of the
> FOSS4G programm we need to get going. Now. So can you please confirm
> that you will actively participate in the FOSS4G Benchmark / Shootout? ...
> /s/'?'/'!'
> I have prepared a Wiki landing place and would very much appreciate if you
> would add your name, project/software and ideas what we should do and
> how you can help:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Benchmarking_2013
> Just to make things more dramatic there is now also a dead line [1] next
> week Friday. If we don't have enough interest to actively participate the
> event will be canceled.

Sorry, I've been fighting the good fight elsewhere, and got behind on list emails.

We're still in. I remain of the opinion that if you want it to be relevant to the non-core part of the FOSS4G audience then it is essential to use Ordnance Survey data in some form or other.


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