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Tyler Mitchell tylermitchell at shaw.ca
Fri Aug 11 14:11:36 PDT 2006

Hi Gary and all,

 From my perspective, Jo and I have a good start on building the  
'alternative' you were saying someone should just go and build.  This  
is a prototype, so far only focused on the web interface and some  
community tools.  The other needs are on our list but should really  
be done on "the" OSGeo server and not this prototype.  That is, we  
don't want to start porting SVN repositories, project mailing lists,  
etc. onto this temp. server set up we have.

In my opinion, the next step is getting some cash to devote to  
sysadmin/support and server infrastructure/hardware.  This whole  
project of getting a transition plan together has landed in Jo and  
my's laps, which I'm fine with, but we are both ultimately still  
working off the side of our desks.  I hope you are still considering  
putting an ED in place, because moving these kinds of projects along  
could easily be managed by the ED so board isn't micro-managing the  
affair and feeling helpless.  I'm not sure volunteers will be able to  
take it all the way, especially on the sysadmin side where we need  
some guaranteed quality of service.

I think you do not want to leave this until October.  Having as much  
of this started as possible for the FOSS4G conference is a good  
target, at least for the web/community UI side of things.  There will  
be increased momentum around OSGeo by then, and at EuroOSCON - I'd  
hate to still have a bad web site when we are promoting at those events.


On 11-Aug-06, at 12:05 PM, Gary Lang wrote:

> Board Members,
> Putting on my MapGuide hat here, where are we with the  
> consideration of a new infrastructure for OSGeo? If it moves off of  
> CN, we will need a new one. If there isn’t a new one in the offing  
> and no firm schedule for creating one, we’ll have to build one  
> ourselves, and by my reckoning, we will have to start in October.
> Gary

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