[OSGeo-Board] Some whining from the outside

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at lizardtech.com
Sat Aug 12 07:52:20 PDT 2006

> OSGeo Newsletter [...] GRASS offered several times to donate them aterial of
> the upcoming 4th GRASS Newsletter, I think that the GRASS people will
> use it soon and drop the idea to donate it (because their authors get
> upset)...

This is a VisCom issue, and I'll take responsibility for not communicating properly about this.  We've discussed this a number of times, and we do not have sufficient volunteers today for doing a "real" newsletter; we're looking to first get a system in place for just doing simple, direct-published news, e.g. blogs.  [The new drupal site gives us that, woo-hoo!]  I didn't realize the GRASS was waiting on us for action, I thought this was an open-ended sort of offer.

(further discussion on this should move to the viscom list)


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