[Fundraising] Scheduling Meeting: August 22nd.

Gary Lang gary.lang at autodesk.com
Tue Aug 15 17:57:09 PDT 2006


I'd like to see you stick with it and move this forward. Autodesk has
converted a large part of its marketing spend to OSGeo marketing spend
this year. We think it's the right thing for us to do and it's one of
the items not included in the OSGeo budget (i.e. OSGeo would never
earmark this kind of money for marketing but Autodesk always would).
Thus, OSGeo has been very prominent keynote speakers at two conferences,
and we (OSGeo) still have two more in which Autodesk will prefer to
sponsor OSGeo presence rather than Autodesk presence. So if you're going
to launch your fundraising approach, now's the time. 

Note that in addition to the open source conferences this year, we have
sponsored all of the OSGeo face-to-face meetings. The total spend has
been $185K. This does not include the OSGeo infrastructure which is
about the same order of magnitude as what we have baked into the OSGeo

I'd like to see OSGeo utilize this rare moment of corporate insanity to
its advantage. Carpe diem, and all that.


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Also, as is clear from how few meetings we have had, and how little I
have done, I am a pretty crappy Fundraising Chair.  I really only took
the position because I felt fairly strongly about my sponsorship
proposal and wanted to get it through.  If anyone else is interested in
taking the "chair"
role for the Fundraising committee, I would be thrilled to give it up.
In fact, if we can't agree on a sponsorship proposal I'll likely resign
the chair to precipitate identification of a more effective chair.

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