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You may be right. Still, I'd like vote to see a more granular breakdown
on this an how effective we are against our top goals and then consider
additional spend on these items.


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Dear Board,

Some thoughts about application for
501(c)status and OSGeo budget projections.

I think it would be better to project the budget on a higher side
(500K/year maybe). I believe that there are possibilities of seeking
funding in areas like urban poverty, town planning, waste
management,rural development, school education etc.Such funding could
greatly help some of the needy Local Chapters in less well-endowed
regions and enhance OSGeo's reach.
Big donors such as William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  are funding "Open Educational Resources"
(See http://www.hewlett.org/Programs/Education/OER/openEdResources.htm)
and also for social and environmental issues that OSGeo software
projects could help tackle.



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