[OSGeo-Board] Budget projections

raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Sun Aug 20 07:07:48 PDT 2006


Gary Lang wrote:
> Venka,
> What should the budget be for this? Can you break it down?

A doctoral student in Asia would normally receive
150 to 200 US$ as fellowship that would be minimum
1800US$ to 2400US$/student/year

If we consider 20 OSGeo Scholarships per year that
would work out to be 36000US$ to 48000US$/year

OSGeo could also think of funding small research
projects maybe 5 per year 10000US$/year/project
and that would be 50000US$/year

> I would like see some some budget item for Education activities.
> OSGeo Scholarship to support student research projects. The
> FreeGIS book project could also get help from professional
> designers to develop high-quality text books

Perhaps I should have used illustrative instead of
high-quality because that is what I meant.

I do not know how much a graphic/layout artist would
charge to bring out a well illustrated (not too
descriptive) book on OSGeo Software technologies.
May be someone else on the board knows better.



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