[OSGeo-Board] German OSGeo Chapter formation, bank account

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Mon Aug 21 08:42:45 PDT 2006

raghavan wrote:
> Hi Arnulf,
>> Torsten Brassat consented to continue doing the paperwork involved for 
>> the
>> time being.
>> I motion to appoint Torsten Brassat as treasurer of the German Local
>> Chapter  banking account (formally he would be a sub-treasurer of Gary?).
>> What else do we need to do?
> I think you have to move a motion about
> German OSGeo Chapter at the next BoD
> meeting.

sorry, this was a short cut skipping six corners. Lets go step by step 

I will add the formation of the German Chapter as agenda item for next 
board meeting (will that be on 2006.09.01?). We will try to have 
everything prepared by then so that we can motion and approve at the 
board meeting. Ideally we are ready to go for FOSS4G to recruit members, 
this is a good opportunity to get Austrian and Swiss German speaking 
people on board as well.

> The OSGeo Local Chapter Guidelines
> (https://www.osgeo.org/content/chapters/guidelines.html)
> stipulates that
> ""OSGeo Chapter" should propose an official representative to liaise 
> with the OSGeo Board. If accepted by the board, the representative will 
> be an officer of OSGeo."

Chapter Roles
    1.  "OSGeo Chapter" should self-organize (for instance in the OSGeo 
wiki, via OSGeo mailing list, etc), seeking to determine if a critical 
mass of interest exists to justify a chapter.

Currently we have 15 members who are prepared to do some work, they are 
listed here:

There is a mailing list at discuss-de at visibilitycommittee.osgeo.org 
which was set up to organize the Intergeo 2006 Open Source park, 
subscribers are more or less identical to the Chapter member list. We 
have set up a German language MapServer list some time ago which already 
has a few hundred users, plus around 150 from the German Mapbender 
Community. Lacking a generic FOSSGIS list in German language both lists 
discuss issues not related to either Mapbender or MapServer. This kind 
of discussion could move to a dedicated German lang OSGeo list.

I'll check back with both lists to see whether we can inspire some to join.

    2. "OSGeo Chapter" should prepare a mission and objectives 
indicating the scope of the planned chapter (geographic or linguistic 
extent for instance).

The mission is based on the goals of the guidelines. The scope is to 
reach German speaking users, administrations and companies, organize and 
operate an annual OSGeo conference, make OSGeo appear at major events, 
for example Intergeo, AGIT, maybe CeBIT.

    3. "OSGeo Chapter" should propose an official representative to 
liaise with the OSGeo Board. If accepted by the board, the 
representative will be an officer of OSGeo.

I will have to check back with Torsten whether he accepts a nomination.

Step 4 involves officially applying to form a committee and step 5 is 
approval by the board.

Then - we can start to think about having a separate account. We will 
need it by the end of the year, so its just fine if Gary could find out 
what needs to be done. In the worst case we must even create a legal 
entity. There must be others who have the same problem. Or is this one 
of the many spatial peculiarities that make OSGeo different to other 

Best regards,

> The German OSGeo Chapter could propose Torsten Brassat as
> a representative and he could become OSGeo VP, German Chapter
> Prof. Rongguo Chen was proposed as a representative by
> China OSGeo chapter and has since been appointed as
> VP, China Chapter.
> Maybe a VP could take up additional responsibility as
> sub-treasurer if the BoD decides so.
> Kind regards
> Venka
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