[OSGeo-Board] German OSGeo Chapter formation, bank account

raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Sun Aug 20 06:28:58 PDT 2006

Hi Arnulf,

> Torsten Brassat consented to continue doing the paperwork involved for the
> time being.
> I motion to appoint Torsten Brassat as treasurer of the German Local
> Chapter  banking account (formally he would be a sub-treasurer of Gary?).
> What else do we need to do?

I think you have to move a motion about
German OSGeo Chapter at the next BoD

The OSGeo Local Chapter Guidelines
stipulates that

""OSGeo Chapter" should propose an official representative to liaise 
with the OSGeo Board. If accepted by the board, the representative will 
be an officer of OSGeo."

The German OSGeo Chapter could propose Torsten Brassat as
a representative and he could become OSGeo VP, German Chapter

Prof. Rongguo Chen was proposed as a representative by
China OSGeo chapter and has since been appointed as
VP, China Chapter.

Maybe a VP could take up additional responsibility as
sub-treasurer if the BoD decides so.

Kind regards


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