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Gary Lang gary.lang at autodesk.com
Mon Aug 21 09:32:07 PDT 2006

I also wonder what the impetus is. It seems like another governance issue, wherein local chapters could register their localized dissatisfaction with global decisions by funneling funds while enjoying the benefits that we provide.

I can't think of a practical reason for doing this.


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Yup - just thinking that if this ends up being a model for other 
organizations around the world and somehow needed to be coordinated 
under a common OSGeo entity - yikes that sounds really complex, 
financially and legally.

Probably the net result is the need for an arm's length entity with 
OSGeo affiliation -- but I'll let Gary do his homework with the 
legal/financial guys on that one.


Gary Lang wrote:
> I have no idea what the ramifications of doing this are on the corporate 
> body that is OSGeo, but I suspect it can create headaches for us. I'll 
> find out.
> Gary
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> Hello,
> the German FOSSGIS group has organized a few conferences starting with 20
> and growing to 80, 180 and 300 participants in the past years. An informal
> group started to organize funding and sponsoring. It consolidated into an
> organizing committee:
> http://www.fossgis.de/wiki/index.php/Organisationsteam_06
> You will also find most of these people in the German OSGeo Local Chapter
> member list:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Deutsch#Mitgliederliste
> We ended up with a small plus in 2006 - just a few thousand Euros (some of
> the Where 2.0 OSGeo t-shirts were funded with that money).
> The FOSSGIS team voted to join efforts with the OSGeo Foundation and
> planned to donate the money to OSGeo. But international transaction fees
> are a nuisance. Therefore the German Local Chapter requests for a
> dedicated (Germany based) banking account.
> Currently the money is on the bank account of the Geo-Consortium but we
> want to move it to a dedicated spearate account at the latest by the end
> of our fiscal year, the sooner the better as we plan to spend some money
> on the Open Source Park at the Intergeo 2006:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/index.php/Intergeo_2006
> All transactions will then be public and we can be as transparent as we
> would like to be. What kind of fomral entity do we need to set up and get
> approved by OSGeo to do that?
> Torsten Brassat consented to continue doing the paperwork involved for the
> time being.
> I motion to appoint Torsten Brassat as treasurer of the German Local
> Chapter  banking account (formally he would be a sub-treasurer of Gary?).
> What else do we need to do?
> Best regards,
> Arnulf.
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