[OSGeo-Board] Spending Approvals, Money, etc

Gary Lang gary.lang at autodesk.com
Wed Aug 23 13:33:43 PDT 2006


To date, we have not set a targeted budget for anything other than an ED so we have not put money in it. Instead we've been reactive and just paid people who need miney from OSGeo. But it's always at OSGeo request, and so OSGeo is spending it's money. As ADSK rep and treasurer, I could write an ADSK check to OSGeo and then 30 seconds later write one to the recipient. Heretofore, that seems silly.

I'm merely proposing that OSGeo set a set of actions down, budget it so that we can make the money available in the OSGeo account. Otherwise how much do I put in?


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On 8/23/06, Gary Lang <gary.lang at autodesk.com> wrote:
> So OSGeo doesn't think it's been spending it's own money? That's news to me.


do we have an OSGeo bank account with money on it? That's
not clear to me. How much is there?


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