[OSGeo-Board] ED Candidate at Face to Face, FOSS4G

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at ccgis.de
Tue Aug 29 11:16:33 PDT 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Arnulf Christl wrote:
>> Gary as treasurer and board member should be able to hit reply at 
>> once. Did we set a top limit? I guess it was 1000,- for VisCom at some 
>> point (or was I dreaming) and I'd be happy to have Gary spend 5k on 
>> this kind of thing. We have to be more efficient with things like 
>> this. If this has to do with trust, yes I trust Gary.
> Arnulf,
> The motion in effect reads:
>  > Frank Warmerdam made a motion, subsequently approved to put into place
>  > following spending limits for officers of the foundation. Amounts of up
>  > to $500 USD can be committed by any officer. Amounts of up to $10000 USD
>  > can be committed by agreement of any officer and the treasurer. Amounts
>  > over $10000 USD must be approved by the board as a whole.
> So, the trip expenses are in excess of the $500 limit for any one 
> officer, but
> could be approved promptly by one officer (ie. me the president who brought
> the matter forward), and the treasurer.
> My request to the board was not a formal motion (as it would have required
> 100% approval by email), but rather a chance for comment.  And once I had
> Gary's approval it was technically fine.  I was a bit fuzzy on what the
> spending limits we established were, so in retrospect I could have just
> taken it up with Gary.  But in any event, I do like to get a sense of the
> position of the board on matters that I am uncertain are obvious from the
> budget.
> BTW, I instructed our candidate yesterday to proceed to book the trip based
> on Gary's support, and the broader board support on the board list.
> So the good news is that we have the tools in place to handle this sort of
> situation, even if I perhaps need to be more familiar with them. :-)
> Best regards,
Perfect. I just wanted to make sure that we function and it seems we do 
which is good to know.

Best regards,

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