[OSGeo-Board] ED Candidate at Face to Face, FOSS4G

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Aug 29 11:11:24 PDT 2006

Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Gary as treasurer and board member should be able to hit reply at once. 
> Did we set a top limit? I guess it was 1000,- for VisCom at some point 
> (or was I dreaming) and I'd be happy to have Gary spend 5k on this kind 
> of thing. We have to be more efficient with things like this. If this 
> has to do with trust, yes I trust Gary.


The motion in effect reads:

 > Frank Warmerdam made a motion, subsequently approved to put into place
 > following spending limits for officers of the foundation. Amounts of up
 > to $500 USD can be committed by any officer. Amounts of up to $10000 USD
 > can be committed by agreement of any officer and the treasurer. Amounts
 > over $10000 USD must be approved by the board as a whole.

So, the trip expenses are in excess of the $500 limit for any one officer, but
could be approved promptly by one officer (ie. me the president who brought
the matter forward), and the treasurer.

My request to the board was not a formal motion (as it would have required
100% approval by email), but rather a chance for comment.  And once I had
Gary's approval it was technically fine.  I was a bit fuzzy on what the
spending limits we established were, so in retrospect I could have just
taken it up with Gary.  But in any event, I do like to get a sense of the
position of the board on matters that I am uncertain are obvious from the

BTW, I instructed our candidate yesterday to proceed to book the trip based
on Gary's support, and the broader board support on the board list.

So the good news is that we have the tools in place to handle this sort of
situation, even if I perhaps need to be more familiar with them. :-)

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