Brief report on OSGeo Booth at MapAsia 2006

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Wed Aug 30 01:06:02 PDT 2006

Dear All,

MapAsia 2006 ( began on 29th Aug, 2006 and
will continue till 1st Sept 2006. I heard that the OSGeo Booth is
attracting lot of attention at the exhibition. The OSGeo T-Shirts
have also reached in time. The brief schedule of OSGeo related
activity at/during MapAsia is as below. Will know more in a few
days time.

Dr. Phisan Santitamnont of Chulalongkron Univ will be giving a
talk on OSGeo during MapAsia. I am not sure when it is scheduled.

China OSGeo Chapter Representative (Prof. Chen) and Japan OSGeo
Chapter (Toru Mori) have sent messages for the Press Conference.

Exhibition includes promotional material of OSGeo Projects, Open
Source related demonstrations and publication.

The intital meet of the proposed Thai OSGeo Chapter is scheduled
for the 8th September, 2006. I am attaching the poster for
the meeting for your information.

Thanks to Calvin, Phisan, Sarawut and dedicated volunteers from
Thailand for their efforts to promote OSGeo at Map Asia 2006.

Thanks to Autodesk Asia-Pacific for supporting OSGeo exhibition at
MapAsia 2006.



Venue of MapAsia 2006: Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok
Venue of Autodesk Press Conference: Swissotel Le Concorde, Bangkok

* Tue Aug 29 (Over)
o 4.30pm, MapAsia Conference Inauguration
o 6pm, Exhibition inauguration
o 6.30pm, Exhibitor's reception
o 7.30pm, Dinner reception
* Wed Aug 30
o 3.45pm, Geoff Zeiss, Autodesk, keynote on "Enterprise GIS
    and Infrastructure Development"
* Thu Aug 31
o 10am-12pm Autodesk Press conference (ASEAN media) with
   Geoff Zeiss at Swissotel Le Concorde
o 1pm-3pm Autodesk Press conference (Thai media) with Geoff
   Zeiss at Swissotel Le Concorde
   Phisan would have joined Ithe Press Conference too, I think*


* Tue Aug 29, 10am Exhibitors move-in to the exhibition floor to
* Thu Aug 31, 6pm-10.30pm Exhibitors move out/dismantle
* OSGeo Exhibition is at booth 39, is 15 square meters shell
* OSGeo people manning the booth:
   o Sarawut Ninsawat
   o Chaipat Nenegcomma - OSGEO demo/presentation
   o 1. Sittinun Thongbai
     2. Sarunpong Musikaew
     3. Polpreecha Chidburee
     4. Supawee Piamduaytham
     5. Sawarin Lerk-u-suke
     6. Phanu Uthaisri

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