[Board] FOSS4G 2008 Budget

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Apr 10 18:23:27 PDT 2008

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Directors,
> Attached is the working budget for FOSS4G 2008, which we will be using
> as the guide going forward.  It is, to my mind, balanced with respect
> to reasonable probabilities of attendance and sponsorship (one is
> never 100% sure with these things).  I feel OSGeo is taking an
> acceptable risk in accepting this budget going forward in partnership
> with GISSA to put on the event.
> Any questions are welcome, we'll formally approve this and the GISSA
> agreement at the next board meeting, pending your acceptance of this
> budget.


I may be dense, but this seems like a pretty complicated spreadsheet to
understand.  Should I take it that:

1) revenue is set based on the assumption of 600 paid attendies (despite
    having 3 columns for number of attendies)?

2) costs are actually priced out based on 700/800/1000 attendies, explaining
    the perverse situation of making more money with less attendies?

3) Based on 600 paid attendies, 700 actual attendies and
    sponsorship/exibitor income of 1.44 million rand it is anticipated to
    make a profit of about 525000 rand?

4) the spreadsheet has been reviewed and approved by the finance committee?

I find the revenue from exhibitors and sponsors especially confusing.  This
section (in the first column) shows roughly:

Reg. Total     2334000

Exhibitors      525000
   Confirmed     137503
   Probable      348000
   Confirmed      40000
   Probable      390000

Total Revenue  3774503

It looks to me like the exhibitor revenue is being counted twice assuming
that the exhibitor "525000" is actually the sum of confirmed and probable
income.  This would mean that the sheet is counting an extra 525000 rand
of ghost income.  However, I could easily be confused.

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