[Board] Re: [OSGeo Finance] Financial Statement for 2007

Dave McIlhagga dmcilhagga at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Apr 25 05:45:43 PDT 2008

Well - looks like your stuck with me doing the best I can to make  
this work. :)

Will see what I can do -- I'll try to take a few minutes this weekend  
to maybe go over everything and see if I can at least delegate some  
activities. Tyler, I suspect I'll be leaning on you somewhat for some  
of this.


On 21-Apr-08, at 5:11 PM, Dave McIlhagga wrote:
> Frank, Tyler, Board, Finance committee,
> I'm becoming acutely aware that my time is being stretched to  
> extraordinary levels these days -- and that my treasurer duties are  
> suffering a lot as a consequence. Amazing how a newborn at home  
> combined with the never ending pressures of running a business can  
> leave you without time to even think ...
> As a consequence, I'm wondering if I can really do the role of  
> Treasurer justice in these circumstances. If I'm truly honest with  
> myself -- I don't see how this can get any better for at least the  
> next 6 months - and it's clear that I've been neglecting things for  
> far too long.
> Is there anyone from the board willing to take this on? As we're  
> currently setup, I'm realizing that this really takes a couple of  
> hours a week and in truth I have about -10 hours available to me  
> per week at the moment.
> Obviously I can try to continue to muddle along if no one is  
> willing/able to step in -- but I fear that in this case things  
> won't get better anytime soon.
> Dave
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> On 18-Apr-08, at 3:17 PM, Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) wrote:
>> Please note that the finance list address has been changed to  
>> finance at LISTS.osgeo.org - it is now a public list through  
>> mailman.  Franks note, below, seems to have still made it through,  
>> but please update your address books if you haven't already.
>> ----
>> The current DRAFT reports for 2007 end have been produced here:
>> http://www.osgeo.org/files/finance/reports.html
>> I will be adding a carry over balance (cash in bank) from 2006  
>> onto the summary report, as well as a reconciled balance number.   
>> If there are any other comments, please let's discuss them here.
>> Tyler
>> On 18-Apr-08, at 8:00 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> It occurs to me that we are close to publishing a 2007 report to  
>>> the members
>>> without my being aware of the board having approved a financial  
>>> statement
>>> for the year.
>>> On other boards I have been a member of, the board approved a  
>>> financial
>>> statement for the year before it was published in an annual  
>>> report.  I
>>> think in our case the financial statement should be first  
>>> approved by the
>>> finance committee, and then the board as a whole.
>>> Has the finance committee done so?
>>> I see the "Finance Report 2007" link from the annual report isn't  
>>> populated
>>> yet, so I'm guessing there is some final cleanup still to do?
>>> I would like to have a financial report circulated in advance of  
>>> the May 2nd
>>> meeting for final approval by the board if at all practical.
>>> Best regards,
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