[Board] Re: [OSGeo Finance] Financial Statement for 2007

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Apr 25 12:03:41 PDT 2008

Arnulf Christl wrote:
> Hey Dave,
> thanks for not just resigning and chucking it all in! Ha, need to add 
> some more exclamation marks here!!! It is really painful to have to 
> admit to run on reserve and still get ignored. I wish that I could do 
> something more useful than mumbling "go on".
> Paul,
> you come to my mind as an option - would you be prepared to take on this 
> job? A simple No is perfectly fine by me, no need to argument about it.
> What other strategies do we have? This job very bluntly needs to get 
> done. If we cannot find another way we will have to hire someone to do 
> the job. I am the loudest  opposition to growing expenses for OSGeo but 
> we cannot afford to let this go astray.  I'd rather invest some time in 
> finding more sponsors than to let this pass undone.
> Tyler is not an option for me as he is way too much under pressure 
> already and I would also prefer to keep a very clear separation of the 
> ED's job and the treasurer.
> Thoughts?


I'm fine with the ED doing much of the day to day bookkeeping, or even
us hiring a bookkeeper to do some the routine work.  But I don't see that
we can "contract out" the oversight role of the treasurer.  We could
contemplate having an outside auditor though I'm not sure that lifts
much of the work load.  It just gives the board and members a greater
assurance of oversight.

I'd also be happy to have Ken as treasurer.

One thing I did suggest to Dave is to try and hold on till the board
elections are done.  After that the new board should be reselecting
our new President, Treasurer and Secretary so putting a different
treasurer into place now might be premature.

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