[Board] Board Meeting Friday

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jan 10 20:09:39 PST 2008

Chris Holmes wrote:
> Hey, sorry I meant to reply to this earlier, but it looks like you guys 
> already got the proper links.  As Tyler said, it's 
> http://docs.codehaus.org/download/attachments/9765352/010-GtCopyright-HJMversion_FINAL.odt 
> Yes, the contributor agreement will need to be signed by an official of 
> the foundation.  As for the legal review, this draft was done by Heather 
> Meeker, in collaboration with Adrian.  So it was drafted by our lawyer, 
> with input from GeoTools.  I had assumed that was enough of a legal 
> review?  Or would you like a formal report on the issues or something? 
> My understanding was that having her take the lead on writing it would 
> cover the legal issues.


If Heather had no concerns about the foundation signing such agreements
then I imagine it should be fine.  Barring other concerns I imagine it
should be no problem for the board to approve this agreement.

Depending on decisions we might make with regard to who is an officer,
it should be practical for the GeoTools chair/liason or the ED to sign
the agreements on behalf of the foundation.

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