[Board] Board Meeting Minutes and Tasks

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Jan 10 22:25:20 PST 2008

Just resending as a summary of the past minutes and a reminder of the  
todo's we had on the plate...


Some notes and summaries from the board meeting for you.  I also put  
together a general task list in this email, please correct where needed.

Board Meeting minutes have been posted:

Main motions that were approved:
* Accepted last meeting minutes
* Accepted FOSS4G Board Meeting minutes, leaving some room for  
further notes at the end
* Twin Cities local chapter approved
* British Columbia local chapter approved
* Profit goal of 5% of total revenue approved for FOSS4G 2009
* 2008 Budget approved

* Frank to present SPD improvements to discuss list for community input
* Jo to add more to FOSS4G Board Meeting minutes notes section, if  
* Tyler to consult others on the role of officers in similar  
* (who?) to follow up with Jeff / Conference Committee re: FOSS4G  
2009 revenue target
* Marketing and Web Committees (via Arnulf and who?) tasked to create  
budgets for their portion of the 2008 budget, for Finance Committee
* Tyler to consult others on how to ensure FOSS4G finances are  
properly accounted by OSGeo
* Finance Committee will request FOSS4G 2008 Budget and present final  
one for approval to Board
* Tyler to start writing up a plan, contacts and issues for starting  
Annual Report

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