[Board] 501c3 update...

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Jan 10 11:25:44 PST 2008

FYI - I've been working through this list of question from Dave and  
will need some help to answer a few of them.  I've answered most of  
them already, but thought you'd like to see some of the questions to  
get a feel for the process.

It's the first part of #4 that I could use some advice on.  How do we  
describe OSGeo's Intellectual Property (if any)?  Can we say that  
OSGeo has Intellectual Property in the software projects?  What if  
they don't assign copyright to OSGeo?

Also #7 relates to Tim B's recent questions about the organisation's  
stated purpose and how to describe it.  I have started something  
intended to answer this here:

We're doing quite well in the process, getting a few of these last  
items figured out will help move it along.

Talk to you tomorrow,

Begin forwarded message:

> 1) I am going to need a list of all people who have given money to  
> the OSGF, the amounts they gave, when they gave it, and generally  
> what the money was used for.
> 2) I have attached a number of documents that need to be signed and  
> returned to me.  If you have any confusion about the blanks, just  
> send them back and I'll take care of them.
> 3) Copies of any and all tax returns filed by the OSGF and  
> financial reports.
> 4) A full description of all intellectual property owned by OSGF -  
> think anything that you have designed that you have your name on.   
> Also, any documentation about how this is actually open source code  
> and how the code you have is really or really is not open source code.
> 5) What's your ein number?  Am I getting that for you?  Does that  
> mean you haven't paid any taxes?
> 6) Budget, I need a budget from the years you have been in  
> operation.  I've look at IX and it looks great, but I would love to  
> see the documents that were used to create this information.
> 7) Narrative, I've looked through the documents provided and I  
> don't see a three page narrative of what you folks are actually up  
> to.  I have included a narrative from another org that I represent  
> to give you a template of what I'm looking for.
> 8) In looking over the 501 doc I see that you checked off yes on IX  
> no. 19, what are these substantial changes?
> I've looked over the bylaws and the corp. docs and they all look  
> ok.  With the above information, I will be able to file this  
> shortly after I get this information.

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