Re: [Board] Fw: RE: [Spanish] Modificación en el Programa de Talleres, II Jornadas de SIG Libre en Girona

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at
Fri Jan 18 11:37:31 PST 2008

On 18-Jan-08, at 8:29 AM, Robert Bray wrote:

> We, speaking with my Autodesk hat on, certainly never claimed to be  
> exempt. In this particular case I am not sure what happened or why  
> this session was pulled. I've already started a little internal  
> prodding to see what I can find out.

I did respond to try to clarify some points that were tied back to me  
about some questions I was asked in an a past interview.  But it was  
about DWG, and were not about the main issue of pulling out of the  
event.  Some may have seen my response as being defensive of  
Autodesk, but my name came up so I took the chance and probably did a  
poor job.

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