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Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Sun Sep 13 15:40:06 PDT 2009

Mori-san and All,

We need to add details about Gerald on the event site.
His bio and photo are attached with this mail.
We also need to schedule his talk at Tokyo and



Gérald FENOY obtained his Master degree in
Computer Science for University of Montpellier II.
After graduation he worked in a private company
as a developer for Web-GIS application and
PostGIS based system integration. He later established
his company "Geolabs" in 2006 and has done several
projects in France and overseas. He has been
actively developing and promoting OSGeo technologies
through training workshops and publications. At Geolabs
he created the API for OOCMS (OpenOffice Content
Management System) using OpenOffice UNO server and
FOSS4G tools. He is a regular participant and contributor
to FOSS4G Conferences. He has also contributed
several enhancements and bug-fixes to Mapserver, PostGIS and
Tilecache. He is presently working on implementing an
Open WPS Platform in C++. His present research interests
are distributed geospatial web services, sensor network
and cloud computing.

Toru Mori (森亮) wrote:
> 森亮です。
> 皆さんこんにちは。
> この秋のFOSS4G Tokyo/Osakaについて、OSGeo財団日本支部運営委員で準備をし 
> て参りました。
> このほど、東京のWebサイトが公開されましたのでお知らせします。
> http://www.osgeo.jp/foss4g2009-in-tokyo/
> 大阪のWebサイトは現在準備中で、まもなく公開される予定です。
> いずれのイベントも、講演者を含め、決まっていないことも多々あります。
> もし、発表したい方がいらっしゃれば、ぜひお知らせください。
> また、新潟で開催されるGIS学会の中で特別セッションとして「FOSS4G最前線 フ 
> リーでオープンなGIS紹介」と銘打った一連のセッションを開催します。
> http://www.osgeo.jp/foss4g-2009-niigata/
> GIS学会に参加される皆様は、ぜひこちらにもご参加ください。
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