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Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Mon Sep 14 14:05:08 PDT 2009

Thanks for the follow up questions Markus, more below..

On Mon, 2009-09-14 at 00:41 +0200, Markus Neteler wrote: 
> > --- Discussing the open source Opticks project and how/where to work
> > closer with those at Ball Aerospace working on this open source package.
> > Had good reciprocal discussions with their lead.
> Interesting! Would be curious how it compares to Orfeo toolbox.
> http://smsc.cnes.fr/PLEIADES/lien3_vm.htm

Hmm, I'll have to check Orfeo out as well - not sure at all about the

> ...
> > --- Several breakout discussions on education/academia, involving those
> > from Denver University, pointed to the use of an existing "GIS Core
> > Curriculum" document that could be used as an outline for building
> > training material that profs could use.

> I would suggest to bring this up on OSGeo-Edu. Quite a bit of material
> is being created, for example the material by Helena Mitasova and
> others. Perhaps also Marketing needs to be somehow involved for
> Edu-branding (if it exists) and better knowledge dissemination.

Good idea, thanks.  Done.  I've also sent a note to discuss list re: the
outlook/vision discussion.

> > Systems admin discussions have been brief, but there is some general
> > agreement to look at hosting with http://osuosl.org.  The only hitch is
> > we need to buy some hardware for them since they are currently maxed out
> > on servers.  I'm hoping we can get something spec'd out and lined up
> > over the next couple months.  Will discuss further with SAC and Finance
> > committee, but just wanted it on your radar.  Our current hosting is not
> > the best due to restrictive hardware upgrade options.
> ... I would appreciate to overcome current bottlenecks, I hope we can
> come to some agreement with osuosl.org.

The OSL has offered to spec out a machine for us, and to help administer
some core services for us.  So I gave them a general idea of the kind of
costs we might be able to handle and we'll see what they come up with.
Then a proposal might come back to the board from SAC.

Thanks again for the thoughtful feedback and followup.


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