[Board] Re: [Foss4g2009-private] Programme Deadline - Important please read.

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Sep 20 03:20:35 PDT 2009

OSGeo Board,
FOSS4G has one lightening talk slot remaining to be filled and we are 
looking for your recommendation for a good speaker to fill this slot.

Currently we have:
* Schuyler Earle (legend from previous conferences)
* Pete Fraser (from Spatial Media in New Zealand and highly recommended 
by our New Zealand committee members)
* Dale Lutz (SAFE software, again recommended as a very good presenter 
with insight into the Geospatial industry)

Who else fits into the "very high quality speaker" category from the 
OSGeo community.
(Paul Ramsey is keynoting, so he is off the list).

mapbutcher wrote:
> Hello,
> The cut off date for the programme being finalised is COB (Sydney, 
> Australia Time) this Friday 25th September.
> I am not going to be available past Monday evening this week. Harley 
> will only be available for very minor changes after Wednesday this week.
> I am aware of three issues that are outstanding in relation to the 
> programme. Please find below a summary of these issues and who I think 
> is dealing with them.
> 1. Lightening Talks. Cameron & I have been managing this to date. If 
> we do not have confirmed speakers by the deadline we'll be placing a 
> general statement in the programme explaining what the lightening 
> talks are and will provide information on the website as soon as we 
> have the speakers confirmed. Shoaib will handle website updates.
> 2. Mark has flagged a change that is required to be made to the 
> tutorial scheduling - I need a confirmation from Mark before I can 
> amend the online schedule.
> 3. There is an outstanding issue with the scheduling of workshops 
> which has been discussed between Arinex and Mark - this needs closure 
> so that the online schedule and programme can be confirmed. In the 
> last email this was left with Arinex.
> I will be away from Tuesday night through till the conference and will 
> not be handling any emails at all (for fear of divorce). Harley will 
> deal with any programme queries and Shoaib will continue to manage 
> website updates.
> Simon
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