[Board] Update from the road

Tyler Mitchell tmitchell at osgeo.org
Fri Aug 20 12:05:20 PDT 2010

Hi guys, I've had a great couple weeks off and am winding down now and looking forward to getting back to work.   In case you canadians heard about ther fires out west, it's almost in my backyard in Williams Lake.   The poor air quality is off the charts, I'll show you a photo when I get settled.

Parts of our city are on evacuation alert (!!) And ours would be next if the fire moves further east.   Fortunately it hasn't moved closer the last few days, though it's over 35,000 hectares and growing.   

All this to say I'm speeding across the prairies like mad this weekend to get home and assess our situation which could range from leaving town for clearer air to running for our lives.   It won't take much more for me to have to miss FOSS4G and manage my homefront, so I wanted to make sure that was on your radar in case it comes to that.   A lot can change everyday.   Will keep you posted!

Best wishes, 

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