[Board] Re: Motion: Support visit to meet with the emerging Vietnam Chapter with funding

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Mar 6 20:47:15 PST 2010

Jeff McKenna wrote:
> Arnulf's motion seems to be accepted by Frank, Geoff, Ravi, and Ari.  I 
> believe this is a majority.  Can I assume that it has been formally 
> approved by the Board?  If not, what is the remaining step?


An email motion requires a positive responsive from all members of the
board.  So unfortunately this cannot be considered passed.  I wish we
had realized it was still pending in the just past board meeting as
we could have resolved it with a voice vote.

As it stands you will need either positive support from all the remaining
board members by email or it would have to be handled at the next board

I'm sorry this was left in limbo like this.

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