[Board] Re: Motion: Support visit to meet with the emerging Vietnam Chapter with funding

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Sat Mar 6 20:36:06 PST 2010

Arnulf's motion seems to be accepted by Frank, Geoff, Ravi, and Ari.  I 
believe this is a majority.  Can I assume that it has been formally 
approved by the Board?  If not, what is the remaining step?



Arnulf Christl (aka Seven) wrote:
> I motion to support the formation of the emerging Vietnam Local Chapter
> of OSGeo by funding a visit of Jeff McKenna and paying for local travel
> cost of two representatives of the chapter in formation. 
> Flight:       700 USD
> Hotel:        300 USD
> Local travel: 600 USD
> If someone cares to second this motion we can make a vote to be able to
> go ahead to not block things. We need to confirm this motion at the next
> board meeting in a voice vote. 
> Please continue to discuss if there still are open questions. This
> motion is mainly meant to keep things moving and potentially allow Jeff
> to go ahead with his plans. 

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