[Board] Renaming the LiveGIS Disc as OSGeo-Live

Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo) tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Mar 25 12:42:55 PDT 2010

I agree, +1 Tyler

>From the Marketing committee angle I don't see any issue as long as the
branding is done well :).  From the board angle, I'm sure it's not an
issue as long as it's all being run openly by an OSGeo committee (which
it is).

Good work,

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> OSGeo Marketing and OSGeo Board,
> Us LiveDVD packagers are looking to rename our packaging project and the
> Disc that we distribute as "OSGeo-Live", accessable at
> http://live.osgeo.org
> Before we lay claim to this name, I'd like to give the OSGeo Marketing
> Committee and OSGeo Board the opportunity to raise any concerns with our
> use of the "OSGeo" name, and if objections are strong enough, we can
> pick a different name.
> So please speak up now if you have a concern, or objection.
> Otherwise vote positively to: "Should the LiveDVD be renamed as
> "OSGeo-Live"?
> +1 Cameron, LiveDVD group, Marketing committee member.
> As background:
> * The Live DVD packages up many of the OSGeo projects on a liveDVD, as
> well as other Open Source GeoSpatial applications.
> * We will likely encourage projects to at least join OSGeo Labs, but
> this will likely not be enforced in the short term. So we will have
> packages on the disc which are not associated with OSGeo.
> * Our focus to date has been on providing a DVD for conferences (most
> notably FOSS4G)
> * In future there will likely be other focuses for the DVD, or
> derivitives of it, which focus on training material, documentation,
> specific project(s) distributions.

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