[Board] have fun today, hopes

Venkatesh Raghavan raghavan at media.osaka-cu.ac.jp
Mon Sep 13 09:45:20 PDT 2010

On 2010/09/14 0:41, Jo Walsh wrote:
> Personally happy to keep chipping in here. The balance of
> board/board-priv business seems to have been struck pretty well.
> But what were we talking about before we started meta-talking?

Before the meta-talking, we were considering
Mark Lucas was suggesting about some forum where
ex-board folks could meet and gossip like we
used to do in the old days.

Agree totally that board list should be public and
most board matters addressed to/by the board must be
on the public board list.

Would like to know how the board-priv works. Anyone
can post to board-priv and only the present board
members can read?

On the fun and hope side, I would still like to take-up
on Mark's suggestion about getting together for a chat.



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