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Wed Sep 15 14:14:37 PDT 2010

On 09/13/2010 07:44 PM, Yves Jacolin (free) wrote:
> Hello,
> I don't know if OSGeo Board are interesting to get some news from local
> chapter, I supose to, but here the one from OSGeo-fr :)
> # Organization
> A new board have been elected last few monteh. The new board is now beggining
> to work with the new team. The board is :
> * Herve Halbout
> * Vincent Picavet
> * Gwenael Bachelot
> * Jean-Roc Moreale
> * Gael Musquet
> Some name are well known from OSGeo community (Vincent Picavet or Jean-Roc
> Moreale) who contribute to PostGIS or QGIS project.
> Other are less known, like Gael Musquet. Geal is a french dynamic OSM
> contributor. This introduce the next section ;)
> ->  contact : board-fr at lists.osgeo.org
> # OSM-fr / OSGeo-fr
> OSM-fr and OSGeo-fr began to work together a few month. First with some
> contact and discussion (private, on osm-fr list and face to face at SOTM). We
> espect to get more formal discussion to finalize this and to allow OSM-fr to
> use the legal association part to allow them to get some funds for their
> project.
> Gael contribution to OSGeo-fr is one of the small step we succeed, other step
> wil come soon (I hope).
> # Project
> We translated OSGeo4W, QGIS and OpenLayers documentation and began MapServer
> one. GDAL-OGR will be update soon (contributor are welcome).
> # French IGN
> Contact with French IGN continue even if summer holidays not allow us to get
> project faster.
> # Tradeshow
> OSGeo-fr managed an Open source village and share its booth with OSM-fr. and
> some presentation.
> # Conclusion
> Like other projects we need more contributor to discuss with us on Francophone
> ML, help to translate or/and update documentation, read the documentation,
> make a presence to some local tradeshow. But, we walk slowly but we are not
> stopping!
> Regards,
> Y.

thanks for the report. You "are" and represent an exceptionally well 
performing local chapter, great to have you there!

Best regards,

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