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For my own part at least, I think there was also some question about the funding model of the conference and whether OSGeo should benefit from the conference using its name.  And also some question about the nature of a continent-level chapter, wrt its mission and the local chapters.  And that some of the goals of the chapter overlap with OSGeo's goals, e.g. GITA engagement.  Some of these things are for the NA chapter folks to resolve, yes, but much of it touches on the foundation's core mission and goals and plans.

When picking the date, it never even occurred to me to combine it with the sprint.  (I did look at my calendar when picking the date and did take note of the fact that I was already marked as "busy" the week of Feb 5th...)  It's a good idea.


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On 11-12-12 2:17 PM, Michael P. Gerlek wrote:
> Having voted down Mark's motion, I feel we need to quickly provide the support and backing required to resolve the question of the NA chapter and conference.  And I continue to think a f2f meeting of the board, as discussed at our meeting in Denver, would resolve this and some of the other long-term issues we have.
> I propose two days during the week of January 23rd, using a hotel at the Seattle airport as the venue.

Note that Mark's motion was voted down in large part due to lack of organization of the proposed chapter. This is independent of the board and won't be resolved in a f2f meeting of the board... it's something the chapter people will need to work on on their own (it won't take much and if I had time I'd be happy to help, but I don't at the moment).

About a F2F, if you propose Seattle and the code sprint is just a few days later, how'bout we try to optimize our time and $$ and choose a date closer to the sprint so that some people like me can avoid traveling twice to Seattle within a few weeks?

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