[Board] F2F meeting plan

Michael P. Gerlek mpg at flaxen.com
Wed Dec 14 11:03:52 PST 2011

7/9ths of you have indicated you would be able to attend a board meeting in Seattle at the beginning of February. 

**Mark/Tim, can you do this?**

>From people's emails, it sounds like the meeting times that work would be all day Saturday (Feb 4th) and at least the morning part of Sunday (Feb 5th).  (Sunday night the codesprinters start arriving and the sprint itself starts Monday morning.)

For venues, I have four suggestions:

	(A) somewhere right near the airport
		(A1) Cedarbrook Lodge (http://www.cedarbrooklodge.com/) -- highly recommended from folks I know who've used them
		(A2) Hilton Hotel -- I've used them recently for a meeting and it's perfectly fine (but admittedly pretty bland corporate hotel fashion)

	(B) somewhere here on Bainbridge Island (requires cab to ferry, then ferry to island)
		(B1) IslandWood -- very cool place to be at and convenient for the sprinters
		(B2) somewhere else here on the island -- I'm sure I could find somewhere interesting

I'm very risk-averse with travel and accommodations; I'm always willing to pay more for the assurance of knowing the wifi, rooms, etc, are all going to be good quality and just not having to worry about anything.  But this isn't really my money, so if you wanted me to find a cheap alternative somewhere I probably could.

While (B1) or (B2) would be best for me, I think (A1) or (A2) make the most sense given that some of you aren't attending the sprint and won't want the additional hassle of having to travel some distance/time away from the airport.  [and I could give a ride to IslandWood for the sprinters after the meeting]



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