[Board] Todays meeting minutes

Tyler Mitchell tmitchell at osgeo.org
Thu Jul 7 15:01:49 PDT 2011

Minutes posted:  http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_2011-07-07#Minutes

Summary below:
	• Detailed conversation log: http://logs.qgis.org/osgeo/%23osgeo.2011-07-07.log
	• Attended: Frank, Jeff, Daniel, Ravi, Chris, Tyler
	• Chris chaired meeting, Tyler did up minutes

== Action Summary ==
	• ACTION Frank or Chris to make formal motion amending project sponsorship levels to include Bronze and/or open level options
	• ACTION Jeff tell us more about the membership app he uses with another nonprofit
	• ACTION Tyler draft proposal for outlining media sponsor program for board discussion
	• ACTION Tyler, Daniel looking for venue to meet for F2F meeting. (Update: GeoIQ offered office space, see list)

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