[Board] Reports and Interview for the 2011 Annual Report

Landon Blake sunburned.surveyor at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 14:07:38 PST 2012

Board Members:

I noticed today that in the past couple of years the Board would
submit a regular report and a financial report to the OSGeo Journal
Team for publication in the Annual Report. I'd like to extend an
invitation to the Board to do the same for the 2011 Annual Report. I
apologize that I missed this for the 2010 Annual Report.

I'd also like to feature an interview with one of our Board members in
the 2011 Annual Report issue. I can pick on some people personally for
this, but I thought I would ask here first.

This is all voluntary, of course. But I think communication from the
Board in the Annual Report is a good thing, and a nice nod towards
transparency. I'm sure others, like myself, would like to hear about
recent changes on the board and the board's plans for 2012.



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