[Board] FOSS4G 2012

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Fri Jan 20 09:41:47 PST 2012

On 12-01-20 1:36 PM, Michael Gerlek wrote:
> At our December IRC meeting, the board approved Jeff to fly to Beijing
> to get status on event plans. For some reason I don't yet understand,
> it appears Jeff decided not do this, but apparently did not tell the
> rest of the board. (Why that happened will be discussed at the F2F, or
> another thread.)

my reasoning was sent privately to the board this morning. okay, here it 
all is (my message below).


On 12-01-20 11:25 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
 > (to not cause any FOSS4G FUD, sent privately)
 > Hello everyone,
 > Happy new year to all.
 > Some background on my response:
 > - after Denver, I took some time away from it all, and came back with a
 > proposal to get things moving for FOSS4G (my well documented "advisor
 > role", including rates, all there in the OSGeo wiki for the world to
 > see). I am extremely proud of that. It was not an easy thing to do. Just
 > like the 'OSGeo Teach-in' that never happened, I am very proud of moving
 > that forward.
 > - the advisor proposal was turned down by the Board
 > - my lasting memory of that experience: someone saying "the rates for
 > that role are professional rates!?" - am I not a professional? wow. I,
 > really am speechless over that one. It was a nice thing to think about
 > over the holidays. But thanks, it did give me some focus for 2012 coming
 > out of the blocks.
 > - since then I have not spent any time on FOSS4G. Some Board members
 > don't realize the effort I put into FOSS4G each year to get things
 > moving. I've never been the visible lead in an event, but scratch the
 > surface, and it was always me setting up mailing lists, getting people
 > talking to other people, making sure the FOSS4G brand remains constant
 > (Peter: you probably don't even remember, but it was me at the beginning
 > arguing with your committee that the ribbon had to be included in the
 > logo), installing workshop files for presenters at 6am after arriving at
 > midnight, hand holding and guiding the event, but never getting any
 > glory. (oh boy, I forgot about all the RFP time, and managing archives
 > from past conferences, and getting financial reports)
 > - I cannot travel now and "keep the lights on" and keep clients happy.
 > It's a sobering realization.
 > - I will not be traveling to the Board F2F
 > - I will not be traveling in the near future to Beijing
 > - I now focus on my usual shtick (MapServer project, etc). And you know
 > what? That feels good. I am appreciated and I help the community.
 > - I am very happy to see FOSS4G events popping up around the world. It's
 > that raw passion that will keep us going. That's what it was when Venka,
 > Markus, and I met and discussed joining all communities into a unified
 > FOSS4G event in 2004.
 > - maybe my future with OSGeo is in the background. I consider myself one
 > of the leaders in the FOSS4G community. And I will work to remain there.
 > So to answer:
 > You are correct that there has not been much FOSS4G progress. I have no
 > other update.
 > Thanks for listening.
 > -jeff

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