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Dear Arnulf
in my opinion you are one of the most representative members of OSGeo  
independently of being the 22 of October the President or the Past  
We will see if in the new Board a Spanish member is present. In case  
I'll ask also to him and we will have two remote presentation ;-)

Many thanks!!

Def. Quota "Seven (aka Arnulf)" <seven at arnulf.us>:

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> Maria,
> thank you for the invitation and I am happy to participate remotely.
> We can plan to do something Online but I recommend to also have a
> video recording as backup in case Online connectivity fails us.
> Please note that I will not be president of OSGeo at that time, my
> term as Director runs out in a few weeks. So if you would rather want
> to have someone from the active board you will have to either contact
> the remaining directors through this list now or wait until after the
> elections (15 August).
> I am still on the list of Voting Members for the Spanish Local
> Chapter, so in case you want me to provide an introduction to OSGeo
> anyway please let me know if you would like to have it in English or
> Spanish (or German... :-). Maybe a combination of English Slides and
> Spanish voice-over or vice versa would also work. Just let me know
> your thoughts.
> Best regards,
> Arnulf
> On 20.07.2012 23:20, Maria Brovelli wrote:
>> Hi, dear Arnulf. As you know I'm helping in the organization of
>> this conference. The colleagues of ESPOL want to leave the
>> registration fee as low as possible because the idea is to reach
>> the most of interested people. The consequence is a limited budget
>> for supporting travels of invited speakers. Might I ask you such
>> great favour: is it possible for you to have a remote speech via
>> skype in which you briefly (more or less 20 minutes) introduce
>> OSGeo to attenders? The ESPOL local organizers and also OSGeo Es
>> will appreciate enormously your presentation and, referring to me,
>> you know that I' m one of your fan.... In case you are able to help
>> us, the date is 22 October and the hour (in Germany is around 5
>> p.m.). Many thanks in advance! Nice we. Maria
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>> On Jul 2, 2012, at 11:21 AM, "Arnulf Christl (OSGeo)"
>> <arnulf at osgeo.org> wrote:
>>> Hi Maria, Athina has already talked with Luis who will be the
>>> right contact for you. Feel free to contact him directly.
>>> Best regards, Arnulf
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>>> American Conference of Free and Open Source GIS Date: Sat, 23
>>> Jun 2012 09:48:05 +0200 From: maria.brovelli at diiar-topo.polimi.it
>>> To: arnulf.christl at googlemail.com
>>> <arnulf.christl at googlemail.com>
>>> Dear Anrnulf many thanks! I'm wondering if you can help me in
>>> contacting OGC people interested in promoting the Conference,
>>> coming there for presenting their work, working in the
>>> Scientific Committee, ... The group of professor I have known in
>>> Guayaquil are very determined in starting this free and open
>>> source path, but they have few experience with respect to our
>>> technologies (they are computer scientists with a really small
>>> background in geographic application). Every help is welcome (if
>>> there is someone who wants to sponsor, he/she is also welcome,
>>> but it seems me that, from this point of viw, it is a difficult
>>> period). I want to take the occasion also of thanking you also
>>> for the more than excellent work you have been doing as President
>>> of OSGeo. I don't want to say we will miss you, because I hope
>>> (but I'm pretty sure) you are going to be present with the same
>>> enthusiasm and dedication.
>>> A kiss. Maria
>>> Def. Quota "arnulf.christl at googlemail.com"
>>> <arnulf.christl at googlemail.com>:
>>>> Maria, thank you for this invitation which I am happy to
>>>> accept. Unfortunately I will probably not be able to come to
>>>> the conference itself but if I can help through the process I
>>>> am willing to do that.
>>>> Best regards & have a nice weekend, Arnulf
>>>> http://arnulf.us Exploring Body, Speech and Mind
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>>>> maria.brovelli at diiar-topo.polimi.it To:
>>>> <maria.brovelli at polimi.it> Subject: First Latin American
>>>> Conference of Free and Open Source GIS Date: Fri, Jun 22, 2012
>>>> 15:45
>>>> Dear friend I'm helping colleagues of Politechnic of Guayaquil
>>>> (Ecuador) in organizing the First Latin American Conference of
>>>> Free and Open Source.
>>>> The Conference is scheduled in October, 24-25 2012 –
>>>> Guayaquil, Ecuador.
>>>> I want to ask you if you want to be member of the Scientific
>>>> Committee of the Conference.
>>>> Here the draft of the "First call for papers".
>>>> The awareness about the necessity of integrating, if not
>>>> basing, the most of environmental and territorial analyses with
>>>> geography and mapping has been growing at every administrative
>>>> and governmental level. In the meanwhile the success of
>>>> application, like for instance Google Earth, demonstrates the
>>>> dramatic curiosity and active interest of people with respect
>>>> to the space in which they live. Lowering barriers to
>>>> contributing, making easier the interaction and the possibility
>>>> of participation will result in more photos, maps and other
>>>> pieces of information uploaded and therefore plays an important
>>>> role in that success. The availability of richer information
>>>> (from institutional and/or crowdsourced data) can help
>>>> decision-makers in their activity. Free and Open Source Tools
>>>> and Applications are rapidly increasing in number and quality.
>>>> Many and different actors are involved in such a kind of
>>>> process: large and small companies, professional practitioners,
>>>> public agencies, universities, research centers but also simple
>>>> map lovers.
>>>> The conference aims at foster interdisciplinary discussions in
>>>> all aspects of the geospatial and free and open source
>>>> domains. The conference will be organized in a way to promote
>>>> networking between the participants, to initiate and favour
>>>> discussions regarding cutting-edge technologies in the field,
>>>> to exchange research ideas and to promote national and
>>>> international collaboration.
>>>> Presentations should cover aspects of the use or development
>>>> of open source GIS. Some topics of interest are: •    Case
>>>> studies and application of free and open source GIS •    State
>>>> of development of free and open source GIS •    Migration from
>>>> proprietary to free and open source solutions: problems,
>>>> advantages, drawbacks
>>>> The conference organizers invite researchers, scholars,
>>>> students, professionals, vendors, users, managers and decision
>>>> makers to present and discuss the issues and latest trends in
>>>> free and open source geospatial technologies and applications.
>>>> I hope that you accept. In that case, next week I'll provide
>>>> you more information.
>>>> Have a nice weekend! Maria
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