[Board] OSGeo Contact

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Jan 2 12:00:55 PST 2013

Hello Board,

Frank and I received a message from GoogleVoice that our virtual number
(801-896-7436) will be disconnected/reclaimed if we don't use it (either
by making a call or sending a text) by January 27th.   So, this spurred
some actions, and here are some notes:

- this virtual number was setup by mgp (thanks!); email thread at
- calls goto voicemail, with an OSGeo greeting, and the message is
transcribed to text and emailed to info(at)osgeo.org (and a link to the
audio message)
- tested this and it is working well
- logged into the GoogleVoice account and sent a text message to myself
(to avoid this disconnection)
- added a security number and email address to that GoogleVoice account
(in case we forget the account password); currently my phone/email is
listed but we can change that whenever needed
- updated the OSGeo contact info on the wiki (still pointed to Arnulf's
number) with my own number and this Google one:
- reported this contact change to an existing OSGeo-Live ticket
- note that this GoogleVoice number can make free NA calls or text
messages (to make calls to other countries we'll need to add some credit
to the account; currently there is a zero balance)

If anyone notices any old contact references please make the changes, or
let me know.


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