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Just asking for you from USA: What is now e.g. Bill Clinton to you? Can
we used the same naming model for OSGeo?


Dne 23.1.2013 00:12, Cameron Shorter napsal(a):
> On 23/01/2013 10:08 AM, Seven (aka Arnulf) wrote:
>> On 01/22/2013 10:55 PM, Eli Adam wrote:
>>> >On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 12:05 PM, Cameron Shorter
>>> ><cameron.shorter at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>>> >>Arnulf, I love the concept you are suggesting, but question the
>>>> >>name "Emeritus", primarily because it is a term I suspect many
>>>> >>are not familiar with. (I needed to look it up). However looking
>>>> >>around I can't seem to find the right replacement word.
>>> >
>>> >In the US, I think 'Emeritus' is a common word.  Especially so in
>>> >academia.
>>> >
>>> >Best Regards, Eli
>> Thanks Eli,
>> same in Germany, but it is also used for charitable orgs and the like.
>> I also just got a confirmation from Carl Reed that this is the right
>> term to use, they also use it in the OGC for their past board members.
>> It is also known well enough in German to not confuse people and
>> checking Wikipedia it seems to translate nicely into Emeritaat,
>> Emeritný, Emèrit, Emérito, Эмерит, and so on.
> Based on feedback so far, I've changed my mind and it seems that the
> word "Emeritus" does indeed seem like the appropriate name, and I
> continue to be in favour of creating such a role.

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