[Board] Modification of OSGeo IRS application to 501c4

Anne Ghisla a.ghisla at gmail.com
Tue Sep 3 07:12:27 PDT 2013

On Fri, 30 Aug 2013 20:27:51 -0300
Jeff McKenna <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:

> excellent, makes sense, thanks for this work Daniel. I never doubt
> you.
> -jeff

Thanks Daniel for taking care of this complex topic. When I
think that some developers complain about writing documentation... :)

Hopefully we will discuss the outcome of this last step in Nottingham.


> > FYI, here is the response I got when I asked about the next steps
> > and whether we should expect more rounds of back and forth before
> > we get a response on 501c4 from IRS:
> > 
> > """
> > Since Ms. Ardoin is a "specialist" it is possible that with the
> > request to be granted tax exempt status as a 501(c)(4) the
> > application will be turned over to an agent that works with
> > 501(c)(4) organizations, which means that there may still be a wait
> > involved before a determination letter is mailed out. It is David's
> > hope that there is enough information from the 501(c)(3) filing to
> > avoid any additional information request and that they can make a
> > ruling with what has already been submitted. That should speed
> > things up a bit.
> > 
> > Under ordinary circumstance, meaning an application that has not
> > been sent to Washington for a specialist to review, the review time
> > at this juncture in the process would only be 2-3 weeks before a
> > determination letter was mailed. But since it has been a
> > complication application and a specialist is involved it may take a
> > little longer. In the meantime, we will hope that the letter comes
> > sooner rather than later. """

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