[Board] Heads-up: plans for OGC/OSGeo Board meetup

Jeff McKenna jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com
Wed Sep 4 06:49:32 PDT 2013

Hi Jeremy, Board,

Oh ok, I didn't know that you are not on the Board list.

I myself don't have a ticket for the ice breaker, so I am confirmed.
Including Daniel and Frank (emailed me directly), we'll likely have
between 4 and 8 OSGeo Board members there.  I also want to include
Arnulf, who has been a constant driving force between uniting OGC-OSGeo.
(Jachym, I'm not forgetting your potential inclusion either)

I would say to reserve a table for 20 (12 OGC Board members, plus
roughly 8 OSGeo reps).

I would then estimate a cost of roughly 35pounds each (inc a drink, and
tip), which would mean approx 1100 USD (or 550 USD each for OSGeo and
the OGC).

If the Board is interested, I would make a motion to approve the use of
$550 maximum for an OGC-OSGeo meetup.

General reaction by the Board?

As Daniel pointed out, there is already an OGC-OSGeo meetup planned for
Friday morning (I was already confirmed for attending that):
 It could be that the OSGeo Board decides as a group to attend that, and
not set aside funding for a separate meetup.

Speak up as Jeremy needs our thoughts now.


On 2013-09-03 8:21 PM, Jeremy Morley wrote:
> Jeff,
> Note that I'm not on the board mailing list so it may be only you who saw
> the original email - it may be useful to be able to post to the list for
> this conversation, otherwise please relay my messages.
> Anyway, yes, the current plan is that there's this relatively formal
> get-together with the OGC board (12 of them, I think) at 7pm on the
> Wednesday (18th) as a dinner in the hotel restaurant. The cost is £24/head
> for the three course meal, drinks additional, but including VAT (our sales
> tax).
> There is the FOSS4G ice breaker at the same time - I don't know (meaning I
> don't know, rather than "I don't think it is") if this is the sort of the
> thing the OGC Board would want to attend. The OGC guys aren't registered
> at the conference generally (their meeting is separate on the Thursday)
> and so they'd have to buy ice breaker tickets (as would you guys). There
> was also some suggestion of a half-way house of a drinks reception for the
> two (or three including AGI) groups.
> In the end I'm pretty neutral about this. It seems to me that for a formal
> "meeting of minds" such as this it does really need to be done in a more
> private space than the ice breaker to allow discussion to properly happen.
> The aim isn't just to party together is it? This seems to be the sort of
> thing that board members of organisations are there for, for diplomatic
> talks with other organisations. It may therefore be something that one or
> both organisations or else their representative members have to stump up
> for - we may be able to find a cheaper menu if that's the problem.
> Still, that's just my view.  The bottom line is that the EMCC event
> manager and I are running through all the bookings to confirm orders on
> Monday morning (British Summer Time) and I'll need to know by then what
> the confirmed plan is. At present I will stick with the meal plan unless
> told explicitly not to go ahead. I also need to have a reasonably good
> handle on the numbers attending too, please.
> With regards, thanks, and some trepidation at the nearness of it all,
> Jeremy

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