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Forwarding to OSGeo Board.  Board: we'll need to decide asap whether to
move forward, motion to approve use of funds, or not.


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Dear all, (would Jeff mind please forwarding to the OSGeo Board list),

We're just over a week away from the joint OSGeo/OGC dinner. At present
the reservation is for 25 people - I understand that includes 13 from OGC
the last I heard.

The restaurant have asked that diners please choose their courses in
advance, to be returned to them on Friday. I've attached the menu to this
email.  Mark Iliffe (copied) will keep track and pass the list on to the
restaurant - please simply reply to him with your choices.

At the moment I've not specifically ordered drinks (water, wine, etc.)
given the mix of who's paying for what, but can do if asked.

Based on the list we can also resize the reservation.

Thanks for your help.

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On 10/09/2013 14:06, "Jeff McKenna" <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com> wrote:

>Hi Ian,
>You are encouraged to join, thanks, it will be great to have you there.
> I can even see you leading some of this discussion, as I can tell that
>you have passion for the OGC relationship. Please come along.
>Also Arnulf, can you make it to this on Wednesday night?
>On 2013-09-10 9:58 AM, Ian Edwards wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> Assuming I can solicit an invitation... I would like to join you at the
>> joint OSGeo/OGC dinner (paying my own way of course).
>> The conference falls at an ideal time to reflect on OGC's Ideas4OGC
>> process[1], and I have a strong feeling that there are opportunities to
>> build on our 2008 MoU to the benefit of both communities.
>> We have a place holder for a BoF session early on Friday 20th to get
>> more open discussion and feedback[2], but one of the outcomes from
>> Wednesday evening may be that we would like to make use of other
>> opportunities during the FOSS4G week.
>> Many thanks,
>> Ian
>> Ian Edwards,
>> OSGeo UK
>> [1] http://external.opengeospatial.org/twiki_public/Ideas4OGC/LeaderShip
>> [2] 
>> On Wed, Sep 4, 2013 at 2:49 PM, Jeff McKenna
>> <jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com <mailto:jmckenna at gatewaygeomatics.com>>
>> wrote:
>>     Hi Jeremy, Board,
>>     Oh ok, I didn't know that you are not on the Board list.
>>     I myself don't have a ticket for the ice breaker, so I am confirmed.
>>     Including Daniel and Frank (emailed me directly), we'll likely have
>>     between 4 and 8 OSGeo Board members there.  I also want to include
>>     Arnulf, who has been a constant driving force between uniting
>>     (Jachym, I'm not forgetting your potential inclusion either)
>>     I would say to reserve a table for 20 (12 OGC Board members, plus
>>     roughly 8 OSGeo reps).
>>     I would then estimate a cost of roughly 35pounds each (inc a drink,
>>     tip), which would mean approx 1100 USD (or 550 USD each for OSGeo
>>     the OGC).
>>     If the Board is interested, I would make a motion to approve the
>>use of
>>     $550 maximum for an OGC-OSGeo meetup.
>>     General reaction by the Board?
>>     As Daniel pointed out, there is already an OGC-OSGeo meetup planned
>>     Friday morning (I was already confirmed for attending that):
>>      It could be that the OSGeo Board decides as a group to attend
>>that, and
>>     not set aside funding for a separate meetup.
>>     Speak up as Jeremy needs our thoughts now.
>>     -jeff
>>     On 2013-09-03 8:21 PM, Jeremy Morley wrote:
>>     >
>>     > Jeff,
>>     >
>>     > Note that I'm not on the board mailing list so it may be only you
>>     who saw
>>     > the original email - it may be useful to be able to post to the
>>     list for
>>     > this conversation, otherwise please relay my messages.
>>     >
>>     >
>>     > Anyway, yes, the current plan is that there's this relatively
>>     > get-together with the OGC board (12 of them, I think) at 7pm on
>>     > Wednesday (18th) as a dinner in the hotel restaurant. The cost is
>>     £24/head
>>     > for the three course meal, drinks additional, but including VAT
>>     (our sales
>>     > tax).
>>     >
>>     > There is the FOSS4G ice breaker at the same time - I don't know
>>     (meaning I
>>     > don't know, rather than "I don't think it is") if this is the sort
>>     of the
>>     > thing the OGC Board would want to attend. The OGC guys aren't
>>     registered
>>     > at the conference generally (their meeting is separate on the
>>     Thursday)
>>     > and so they'd have to buy ice breaker tickets (as would you guys).
>>     There
>>     > was also some suggestion of a half-way house of a drinks reception
>>     for the
>>     > two (or three including AGI) groups.
>>     >
>>     > In the end I'm pretty neutral about this. It seems to me that for
>>     a formal
>>     > "meeting of minds" such as this it does really need to be done in
>>     a more
>>     > private space than the ice breaker to allow discussion to properly
>>     happen.
>>     > The aim isn't just to party together is it? This seems to be the
>>     sort of
>>     > thing that board members of organisations are there for, for
>>     diplomatic
>>     > talks with other organisations. It may therefore be something that
>>     one or
>>     > both organisations or else their representative members have to
>>     stump up
>>     > for - we may be able to find a cheaper menu if that's the problem.
>>     >
>>     > Still, that's just my view.  The bottom line is that the EMCC
>>     > manager and I are running through all the bookings to confirm
>>     orders on
>>     > Monday morning (British Summer Time) and I'll need to know by then
>>     what
>>     > the confirmed plan is. At present I will stick with the meal plan
>>     unless
>>     > told explicitly not to go ahead. I also need to have a reasonably
>>     > handle on the numbers attending too, please.
>>     >
>>     >
>>     > With regards, thanks, and some trepidation at the nearness of it
>>     > Jeremy
>>     >
>>     >

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