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Mon Apr 7 10:59:51 PDT 2014


Sure, I can make that time and I'm glad to have a dialogue about it. 
Thanks for suggesting.

Kind regards,


On 07/04/14 13:31, Bart van den Eijnden wrote:
> Hey Andrew,
> we have a board meeting this Thursday so maybe we can discuss it there 
> as well given this is urgent?
> I’ll add it to the agenda, would you be available on IRC for any 
> questions?
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_2014-04-10
> Best regards,
> Bart
> On 07 Apr 2014, at 19:04, Andrew Ross <andrew.ross at eclipse.org 
> <mailto:andrew.ross at eclipse.org>> wrote:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> For those that might be interested in participating in this & 
>> especially up front in terms of outreach & helping sort out details 
>> to tune the idea so it works well, please contact me. Thank you very 
>> much to those that have already.
>> Some important decisions require immediate attention such as which 
>> city, what dates, and so forth.
>> Some possible cities suggested by people, for 2015, include:
>> D.C., San Francisco, Boston, San Diego
>> In terms of dates, late March or early April would be offset from the 
>> global FOSS4G & also from other very busy periods in the calendar. It 
>> lines up with EclipseCon, which co-hosting helps reduce organizing 
>> burden. For what it's worth, the overall conference would not be 
>> called EclipseCon to appeal to all constituents.
>> Thoughts?
>> Thanks again,
>> Andrew
>> On 04/04/14 17:02, Andrew Ross wrote:
>>> Hello Everyone,
>>> Please excuse the cross post between OSGeo's discuss & 
>>> conference_dev lists as well as LocationTech's discussion list. I'm 
>>> hoping to enable inclusive discussion about an idea.
>>> Bit of background, this coming May (19-21), LocationTech Summit is 
>>> co-hosted with Location Intelligence in Washington D.C. 
>>> <http://www.locationintelligence.net/>. Travel restrictions for 
>>> Federal Government employees for instance meant holding this in D.C. 
>>> was important in 2014.
>>> We have started planning for 2015, and I wanted to reach out and see 
>>> if an idea might be of interest to the greater community.
>>> The idea is to co-host LocationTech Summit, FOSS4G North America, 
>>> and EclipseCon next year in the spring.
>>> For those that haven't been:
>>>   * EclipseCon is a great  developer conference & covers topics that
>>>     I feel may be a really nice complement such as Science, Internet
>>>     of Things, Automotive, Software development best practice, and
>>>     more. While there are some awesome talks in the area, it's not
>>>     just about the IDE. :-)
>>>   * FOSS4G NA is the regional sibling of FOSS4G Global, also a great
>>>     developer conference, and focused on geospatial technologies. It
>>>     is a must attend event if you're into web mapping or looking for
>>>     open source GIS solutions.
>>>   * LocationTech Summit is new (first one this May), similar to
>>>     FOSS4G however perhaps has a stronger focus on high performance
>>>     geoprocessing technologies and new technologies like GeoGit for
>>>     instance.
>>>   * My feeble attempt at contrast aside, I think these last two will
>>>     see a lot of the same speakers & audience.
>>> A few thoughts:
>>>   * We believe a combined event could likely be done to prioritize
>>>     camaraderie which is so important for open source projects &
>>>     community. i.e. avoid anyone feeling lost in a huge event.
>>>   * We feel the mutual outreach to people across communities would
>>>     be really useful, interesting, and spark wonderful ideas we
>>>     can't predict.
>>>   * The logistical work can be done by full time conference
>>>     organizers who organize EclipseCon each year. The program is up
>>>     to the communities to set.
>>>   * For those seeking suppliers, partners, & customers, this should
>>>     make for more opportunities.
>>>   * Profit sharing with significant participating groups is doable.
>>>     We're glad to help figure out a fair and amicable solution.
>>>   * Ensuring each group are well served is a priority of course. We
>>>     think this combined event might attract people who might not
>>>     otherwise come to any of them. But we'll have to try and see.
>>> Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Is this a good idea? Interested?
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Andrew

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