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Even Rouault even.rouault at mines-paris.org
Sat Jun 14 05:36:25 PDT 2014

Le samedi 14 juin 2014 13:42:17, Cameron Shorter a écrit :
> OSGeo board, Jorge,
> I've updated the proposed voting process docs. Feel free to review and
> add comments. I intend to email osgeo-discuss in ~ 9 hours.


A few remarks below

> Key changes:
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_2014#Revised_selection_process
> *Revised selection process**
> *
> In previous years the Charter Member selection process has been a little
> contentious. We typically receive numerous nominations from 

Shouldn't that be "for" rather than "from" in that context ?

> high caliber
> members of our community, and insufficient positions to accept them all.
> This typically results in unnecessary disappointment and bad blood.
> In response, the OSGeo board has agreed to trial tweaking the voting
> process. The aim is to automatically accept recognised OSGeo community
> leaders. 

I've not a strong opinion about this, and I believe that this is not what is 
intended, but I'm wondering if some would not feel that the are two kinds of 
Charter members : the ones who don't need to be elected, and the ones that do. 
Perhaps an explicit message stating that "whatever the way they got in, all 
Charter members are equal" could alleviate this.

> A week's provided to all community comments.
> Design guidelines:
> * We want a process which is simple to understand and implement
> * We want a process which encourages recognised OSGeo community leaders
> to become OSGeo charter members
> * We want a process which is difficult to abuse
> * For the first iteration, we should err on being more selective in our
> criteria, with potential widening of selection criteria in future years.
> http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Membership_Process_2014#Positions_for_recognised
> _OSGeo_Community_Leaders
> *Positions for recognised OSGeo Community Leaders*
> OSGeo aims to provide OSGeo Charter Membership to all recognised OSGeo
> community leaders who apply. 

"who apply": reading this, I would understand that those community leaders 
should apply themselves, instead of being nominated. Which is contradicted by 
the last sentence of your proposal. So perhaps replace with "who are 

> Hopefully, sufficient positions are
> available. If there are more candidates than available, then membership
> will be allocated to the first to apply. Remaining nominees will be
> automatically offered to go through the standard voting process.

I'd say that the sits for the OSGeo community leaders should be extended to 
accomodate as many as nominated ones, otherwise it could cause some 
frustrations for the late nominees, as the timing criterion is rather 

> Recognised OSGeo Community Leaders are defined as people who have been
> voted into a position of authority within official OSGeo projects and
> committees, where the voting community includes at least 3 OSGeo charter
> members.
> Acceptable roles are currently limited to:
> * Project Steering Committee member of a Graduated OSGeo Project
> * Chair of Official Local Chapter
> * Chair of an OSGeo committee
> The application process for recognised OSGeo Community Leaders is the
> same as for other nominees.

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