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before calling all of Incubation a nightmare I would suggest to check
what may have gone bad in your specific case. I am the assigned mentor
for istSOS so ideally you should first contact me directly before
frustrating all on this list, right?

Your last mail to me dates from April 24 2014 [0] and the first thing
you say is that you can easily retrieve a "code agreement" - but I have
not yet seen this manifest anywhere. So how to proceed?

To me the most problematic section in the Incubation process of istSOS
is the "Community Functioning". If you look at the Wiki web site [1]
there are still quite a few "tba" (does that mean "to be added"?).
Please add.

The IstSOS Provenance Review page [2] in the Wiki is still not populated
at all. Please add.

Until those questions are answered I don't think that the project is
ready to graduate.

Admittedly I was somewhat annoyed by your mail.

...but now that I read maybe there has been a general misunderstanding.
In my opinion IstSOS is already in incubation and I am just waiting for
results. Rereading your mail it appears that you are still expecting
some confirmation from the board level? Right?

In general projects seem to expect the mentor to do all the work to get
their project through incubation. This is not so - at least not from my
perspective which may obviously be wrong. In my understanding the mentor
is there to help if there are process questions, recommend a way forward
in a tricky situation and to make a pre-check of the status of the
project to be able to recommend graduation.

Which is what I tried to achieve with this mail. Did it work?

Have fun,

[0] http://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/incubator/2014-April/002389.html
[2] http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/IstSOS_Provenance_Review

On 24.01.2015 17:58, Massimiliano Cannata wrote:
> Dear incubation committee,
> I'm embarassed in writing this email...
> but after a very very long waiting I have to complain for the treatment
> the istsos software is receiving.
> Is the same for all the software or just this project is not considered?
> Almost one year ago I apply for entering incubation, the committee asks
> me to follow the procedure with form.. Then ticket.. And I fill everything.
> The committee said we need a mentor, Arnulf volunteered,  and the
> committee, I think, voted approving istsos to pass in incubation.
> Then?.... Nothing... And one year is passed!
> I think the committee shall make a motion to the board to approve the
> decision, but it never happened.
> The result? Istsos is not in incubation: not in the website nor in any
> talk I have followed.
> Why making a motion is so difficult?
> If this is the treatment for new software approaching our community I
> believe something does not work at all!
> I know people are volunteer and not paid,  but the welcome steps are
> minimal: reading a page, vote, and make a motion. 
> If we get stack here, and after several remainders from my side, this is
> really discouraging.
> Sorry for this email.
> Massimiliano
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