[Board] Board task: finalize liability agreement with FOSS4G 2016 committee

Michael Smith michael.smith.erdc at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 08:51:00 PDT 2015

I won't be able to make the meeting due to other commitments. Just an FYI.

If anyone has any treasurer questions before the meeting (or after), I'll
be happy to answer as best I can.


Michael Smith
OSGeo Foundation Treasurer
treasurer at osgeo.org

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>Hi Venka,
>If you prefer a version of the agreement with USD, here it is:
>Although I find keeping the agreement in the local committee's currency
>easier to understand, with exchange rates etc.
>Anyway there it is :)  I expect we can start voting on this in a few
>hours, after today's meeting timeslot (roughly 2 hours and 20mins from
>On 2015-10-08 9:59 AM, Venkatesh Raghavan wrote:
>> Hi Jeff,
>> As you have guessed, joining today's meeting at the
>> time below is not doable for me.
>> I agree to Maxi about framing of some rules for
>> advancing the money. Budget matters are a responsibility
>> of the board and Conference Committee need to be
>> involved nor should have any say regarding advancing
>> money to LoC. Also, sorry, I do not recall if there was
>> any reason assigned in increasing the amount from
>> 50,000USD (as in case of FOSS4G-Seoul) to 100,000Euro
>> in case of FOSS4G-2016.
>> Also, since the OSGeo Foundation operates from USA, all
>> figures could be in USD. There is sizable difference between
>> 100,000Euro and 100,000USD.
>> Best
>> Venka
>> On 2015/10/08 21:26, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>>> I will delay the start of the vote, until today's possible meeting
>>> timeslot.  So please, speak up if you have any questions regarding the
>>> 2016 agreement; otherwise we will start the vote later today.
>>> Thanks!
>>> -jeff
>>> On 2015-10-08 9:20 AM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>>>> Hi Board,
>>>> Here we are at Thursday now, and as suggested earlier, the plan is to
>>>> start the vote today regarding financially supporting the FOSS4G 2016
>>>> Bonn event, specifically to approve the signing the proposed agreement
>>>> with the Bonn local committee[1].  As I mentioned, since we are
>>>> meeting as a Board next Thursday, today I am willing to meet with
>>>> who has concerns with the agreement.  Please note that this vote is
>>>> about the 2016 agreement only, and that any further details of the
>>>> developing "rules" is not affecting or delaying this vote today.
>>>> If you do have questions of the proposed 2016 agreement, please send
>>>> them here to the Board or you can also meet today at the suggested
>>>> timeslot[2].  We can meet in IRC, and if someone wants to talk we can
>>>> then move to a hangout.
>>>> Thanks everyone,
>>>> [1]
>>>> [2]
>>>> -jeff
>>>> On 2015-10-05 2:24 PM, Jeff McKenna wrote:
>>>>> Hello Board members,
>>>>> This will be the first public task of the new Board, and may be the
>>>>> most
>>>>> important one we deal with all year.  And yes, it is extremely time
>>>>> sensitive.
>>>>> Some background (instead of pointing to 5 different threads spanning
>>>>> many different mailing lists):
>>>>> The FOSS4G Bonn local committee needs OSGeo to financially guarantee
>>>>> the
>>>>> event.  The OSGeo Conference Committee worked very hard on producing
>>>>> agreement, that passed many keen experienced eyes, both on the OSGeo
>>>>> side as well as on the Bonn committee side. This agreement was
>>>>> by the entire OSGeo Conference Committee and the Bonn local
>>>>> and 8 of the 9 OSGeo Board members.  One OSGeo Board member voted -1.
>>>>> The original agreement exists at:
>>>>> As for past FOSS4G agreements, Seoul was the first time that the
>>>>> Board had a direct signed agreement with the local committee, between
>>>>> Sanghee and myself, agreeing on such details as profit sharing; for
>>>>> of the other FOSS4G events, those details were handled in the
>>>>> between the professional conference organizing company (PCO). Steven
>>>>> Feldman compiled some details from some of the recent FOSS4G events,
>>>>> a Google spreadsheet (I just sent each board member an invite to that
>>>>> document).
>>>>> At the time that this 2016 agreement was being initially proposed, it
>>>>> was before FOSS4G Seoul, and it was honestly a little tricky to be
>>>>> signing such a commitment before we knew the outcome of the FOSS4G
>>>>> Seoul
>>>>> event (like any event, we could have lost money).  But now, I feel
>>>>> everything is more clear for the Board: FOSS4G Seoul was successful,
>>>>> the
>>>>> break-even point was 400 attendees, and we went over that to roughly
>>>>> 560
>>>>> attendees.  So OSGeo doesn't have to worry about that, and now we can
>>>>> financially guarantee the 2016 Bonn event, for 100,000 euros, as was
>>>>> originally proposed.
>>>>> I want to make sure that each Board member supports this, and I will
>>>>> personally do my best to meet privately with whoever has questions.
>>>>> Maxi, now that we are through FOSS4G Seoul, do you yourself have any
>>>>> concerns not handled now?  If you do (or any Board member) I suggest
>>>>> that we meet through Google Hangout on this Thursday. Possible time:
>>>>>   (sorry Venka/Sanghee that time is not do-able for you, but you can
>>>>> voice your opinions here or to me privately, sorry about this one
>>>>> meeting time)
>>>>> I'm getting many direct emails on how this is important for the 2016
>>>>> committee.  We OSGeo must get this agreement passed.  It is on next
>>>>> week's Board agenda, but I hope we can solve this this week. It will
>>>>> a team effort.
>>>>> Thanks all,
>>>>> -jeff
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