[Board] Motions from 2016-04-14 board meeting

Massimiliano Cannata massimiliano.cannata at supsi.ch
Thu Apr 21 00:39:04 PDT 2016

Inline my votes...

>> 1. MOT1: Approve prior meeting minutes from March 2016


>> 2. Transfer 10K USD Travel Grant for FOSS4G-2016 (acceptance of abstract
not a precondition)

+0, this is fine but we shall remember that this will be the rule from now
on for all the future foss4g

>> 3. MOT3: Financial support for OSGeo to get the OSGeo-Live DVD to the
conference, Conferencia Internacional de Software Libre April (as suggested
by vasile on ML)

+0, this is a choiche of the marketing committee not of the board and is
not so dissimilar from the next motion number 4

>> 4. MOT4: OSGeo to fund 2,000USD for OSGeo USB sticks at Upper Midwest
Geospatial Conference (UMGEOCON 2016)

+0, again this is a matter of marketing committee. I think we have already
fund3d similar requests (see EGU) so without a rule it's difficult to me
finding a rationale. Again whatever is the decision this should be the rule
for similar requests now on. We cannot be too discrectional without risking
to fall into clientelism - influence peddling.

>> 5. MOT5: Next meeting 12 May (Thursday)

I should be available. Maybe we can have the usual hangout with available
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