[Board] Elections are coming

Vasile Craciunescu vasile at geo-spatial.org
Tue Jun 7 16:37:01 PDT 2016

Dear all,

Not sure about the winter but the 2016 OSGeo charter members and board 
members elections are coming. As 2015 CRO and board member, I felt that 
is my responsible to put things in motion. So

1. I created the wiki pages for 2016 elections[1]

2. I setup a dedicated Limesurvey instance on OSGeo Romania 
infrastructure (the solution used in the last years for electronic 
voting). Until recently UC Davis host that instance and we are more than 
grateful for that. That machine was recently retired so we needed to 
find a new "house". If needed, we can move this instance to another 
server. OSGeo Romania was the closest solution at this time. The 2015 
voting templates were uploaded to serve as starting point for this year 

3. I propose the following calendar for elections:
  — 2016-07-04 to 2016-07-26 for new charter members;
  — 2016-07-27 to 2016-08-18 for board open positions.

This way the new board members have a chance to meet face-to-face at 
FOSS4G in Bonn, Germany, in late August.

4. We might need a new CRO. I did not decided yet if I will run for 
another term as board director. If I do, I'm in a conflict of interest 
and we need a new volunteer (all my help is assured). If I decide not to 
run, I can be CRO for this year again.

5. The formula for electing new charter members is not clear yet. Last 
year we had countless discussions and even we went through an open 
survey. The question is still open. For the time been let's assume that 
we will use the same system as in the last two years.

Of course, all of this will be discussed in the next board meeting. 
Anyway, until then, any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.


[1] https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Election_2016

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